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NB: The contest is soley run and organised by Face Of Europe Limited and NOT Disneyland Paris Resort who have NO responsibilty whatsoever for the Final of the Face Of Europe & the World  

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Terms & Conditions 


Face Of  Europe & the World registration AUG 2011 0772898 is organised solely by Face Of Europe  & the World Ltd. Registered in England & Wales Company  DEC 20120  No. 07459424. Terms and Conditions of Entry    

Please be aware we have NO affication to any other Beauty Pageant copying our format

nor do we have any affliation with Disneyland Paris

About Us

Contact us today on faceofeuropeandtheworld@gmail.com  or text  Gisele 07557 355 974


Phone +44 (0) 1303 891336


Be part of Something Special, the Ultimate Charity Pageant where "True Beauty comes from within"

Come Join us in Disneyland Paris, where dreams really do come true!

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Ever wanted to be a Princess?  

Come & join us in Disneyland Paris



the only Pageant to be hosted in 

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Before you enter our pageant you MUST read the Terms and conditions in full   Please be aware before you enter our competition that upon sending in your application you are agreeing to be bound by our rules listed below.


AGE GROUP                    Mini   4 to 8 years            Junior  9 to 13 years           Teen   14 to 18 years            Senior 19 to 39 years    

  • Your age on the date of your HEATdetermines the age group you should enter

ANTI-DEFAMATORY CLAUSE - It is agreed that you will not besmirch,use any defamatory or slanderous remarks, be offensive or use derogatory language in any way whatsoever either in person or on any social or community media, e-mails, mobile phone messaging or any other form of communication. By entering this competition you are aware that the judges are independently appointed and that their decision is justly and fairly given and represents their own opinions. The judges" decision is final. You have been made aware and acknowledge tha the final vedict has nothing todo with FOEW & it's staff. You have agree to abide by the final decision and to behave in an acceptable manner that does not cause upset or embarrassment to yourself or others. You also agree that you would not use any form of social media to "Bad Mouth" the competition, judges, contestants, or staff in anyway whatsoever and by doing so you are fully aware that your comments would be considered most seriously and damages would be sought via the small claims court to which you understand may result in a settlement in our favour and will also include any charges levied by the court /tribunal in pursuing the claim against you.

BAD BEHAVIOUR: Should any of our contestants or their entourage/family cause any embarrassment or bring the Company's reputation into disrepute, our "two strike" policy will be implemented. Following the 1st strike, a written warning will be issued with a request not to repeat the behaviour. However should a 2nd issue arise the "2nd strike" would lead to an automatic ban from attending and future FOEW events including the Grand Final. Should this be a  finalist or title-holder, your title will be withdrawn and passed to the runner up. Should a family member or a member of your entourage cause the incident , the same rules would apply, but this would not prevent the finalst from competing, If the finalist is under 18 and the person causing the issue is the child's chaperone, a new chaperone must be appointed if the child wishes to continue attending events.


                               BARCLAYS BANK  

                               SORT CODE 20-02-62    

                               BUSINESS ACCOUNT Nos:  63263452  

                               CHARITY   ACCOUNT Nos:  03031225  

All payments MUST have your name as the payment reference . All monies paid go into the Business account apart from the Charity Money which must go into the designated charity account 03031225

BULLYING  OR INSULTING  Any behaviour that is deemed to be unacceptable ie: Bullying, Fighting,Theft, Racism, Sexism, Slander or any insulting comments whether it is Personal, Political or Religious will not be tolerated in any form and will be dealt with very severely. This will result in the offending parties being withdrawn from the competition and withdrawn from our organised events. You would not be included in any FOEW events or activites and no refund would be given. Any costs incurred outside of the organised trip would now be the responsibility of the dismissed person(s)  No refund or compensaton will be due or given.

CANCELLATION DUE TO FORCE MAJEURE : This means any event or condition, not present as of the date of this/our Agreement, not reasonably foreseeable as of such date and not reasonably within the control of either party, which prevents in whole or in material part the performance by a party of it's obligations hereunder (other than the obligation to make any payments of money due or owing) or which renders the performance of such obligations so difficult or costly as to make such perfornance commerically unreasonable. Without limiting the foregoing, the following will constitute events or conditions of FORCE MAJEURE; Acts of God, Acts of civil or military authority, state or government actions, embargoes, epidemics, war, terrorist acts, riots, insurrections, fires, floods, eplosions, earthquakes, nuclear accidents, volcanic actions, clouds and or eruptions, power blackouts, prolonged shortage of energy supplies, strikes, lock-outs, slowdowns, work to rule, trade disputes or labour disturbance, acts of highways authorities, or any other major enviromental disturbances, unusually severe weather conditions, acts or omissions of a third party/as beyond the control of the parties hereto.

CANCELLATION BY HEAT WINNERS - You have 21 days after winning your title and the Disney Trip to decline the trip, this must be in writing to FOEW at the registered address. Should you decline your position within (upto and including) 21 days, there will be no charges. However please be fully aware that after the 21 days from the date of winning your title, if you then cancel you will be held fully responsible and liable to repay FOEW the full amount of the deposit for the trip as advertised for your age group. If you cancel after the 12 week cut-off point, (12 weeks before we travel) you are liable and fully responsible for the FULL payment due for finalist, chaperone(s) or any guests within your party that have ordered our trip, you willbe invoiced accordingly. Full payment would be due within 30 days of he raised invoice after which appropriate action will be taken to recover outstanding monies and court costs. Upon cancellation you would be required to return your sash and crown within 14 days or if yo wis to keep as a keepsake, we will charge for the replacement cost of said items. If items are not returned within the 14 days of cancelling, an invoice will be raised for the full amount plus costs. So make sure within your 21 days that you are able to travel to Disneyland and that you have checked dates with your parents, work, school or college

CANCELLATION - See 12 week cut-off date (12 weeks before you are due to travel) ALL fees are fully recoverable  from the client should they cancel after the 12 week cut-off date  NB:Remember to purchase adequate Travel & Medical insurance to cover all eventualities including full cancellation policy.

CHARITY ACCOUNT Face of Europe & the World, Barclays Bank, Sort Code 20/02/62 Account Nos: 03031225

CHARITY EVENTS - If you have organised an event or collected money under our banner or title for Headway East Kent or any other charity, ALL donations must be collected and distributed in accordance with the Charity commission's guidelines and be paid over into the designated charity account for the charity you have collected for, you cannot collect for one charity and then decide to give to another likewise you cannot keep or use the monies to cover your own costs. Shoud you step down or decide to leave FOEW, the rulles still apply all monies collected under our banner upto and including the day you resign must be paid over into the designated account. It is illegal to withold, misappropriate or redirect monies elsewhere. Should we feel that anyone is not acting in good faith or in accordance to the guidelines, we will report the situation to the Charities Commission in writing with a copy of our terms & conditions along with any supporting evidence connected to your fund raising and failure to comply with those guidelines.

CHARITY MONIES GRAND FINAL Everyone is asked to donate at the Grand final a minimum of £100 to FOEW for their founding charity.  All monies are paid into a designated Charity Account in advance of your heat or the Grand Final.  Please remember that any the charity monies you raise for our chosen charities will win you points at your heat and help you towards winning the CHARITY SASH - see Charity Scoring under frequently asked questions tab  

CHARITY MONIES HEAT   See frequently asked questions under C

CHARITY SCORING -  See Frequesntly asked questions under C

CUT OFF DATE :-  12 WEEKS BEFORE DEPARTURE DATE  all payments must be paid BEFORE cut off date. After the 12 week cut off date, if you are unable to travel for any reason whatsoever, you are still fully responsible for the full payment for the whole Disney trip as advertised and ordered by the client. If you were unable to travel you must claim off your own travel insurance  This clause is the standard T & C of the Travel Industry and the Dream Caste Hotel

CUT OFF DATE :  HEAT WINNERS  When you "WIN" the "Disney Experience" at a live heat or photographic heat you have 21 days to decline the title, after which if you withdraw from the competition for whatever reason after the 21 days but before the 12 week cut off point, you would be liable to return the deposit for your age group as listed between  £150 to £200 should you withdraw from the contest after the 12 weeks cut off point you would be liable to repay FOEW the FULL amount of the whole trip.

DEPOSIT- NON REFUNDABLE AFTER 21 DAYS - ALL CANCELLATIONS MUST BE IN WRITING TO FOEW REGISTERED ADDRESS - Direct finalist Mini  & Junior £150  Teen & Seniors £200 or a family of four £400.

DRESS MEASUREMENTS -You will be asked to take your measurement, make sure YOU GET THEM RIGHT, do not hold the tape measure too tight when measuring, The following information is required in centimetres  1)Height (head to toe - Bare feet)  2)Bust   3)Waist Hips(Widest Part)  4)Waist to Knee  5)Waist to Floor (Bare Feet) IF you provide us with incorrect measurements and your dress does not fit, It is your responsibilty to get the dress altered and you are liable for any additional costs.

DETAILS  - What details do I send in to apply. We will send you an application form and a profile form please return asap

GIFT - NO gifts are allowed to be given to Judges

HEATS:-  We hold several Heats in the UK, live & photographic, Please go to our HEAT tab on the web site <Heats> for full information, if your area is not listed please contact us direct for details of your nearest heat or other options for entry.    DO  YOU HAVE TO COME FROM THE AREA TO ENTER -  NO the heats are open to contestants from all over the UK

HEATS - IS THERE AN ENTRANCE FEE  - YES!  All entrance fees must be paid in advance either direct into our Barclays bank or via our Pal Pal account  If you do not pay in advance you will not benefit from any discounts offered

INSURANCE: It is manditory to have adequate travel and medical insurance

JUDGES Any attempt to interfere or influence the judges may result in the associated finalist being withdrawn from the contest,  No money, gifts or personal favours may be given  or offerred to any of the judges.

JUDGING - see frequently asked questions

LUGGAGE - see frequently asked questions

MAKE UP - Is make-up allowed ? Yes, but only for the Teens & Seniors,  No Make-up or beauty enhancements are allowed for the Minnies & Juniors i.e: false nails. or eyelashes, hair pieces, or teeth flippers.  We are not a "Glitz stylised pageant" but an age apprioriate pageant. We do not want our younger contestants trying to be older than they are, we do not encourage or allow anyone under the age of 13 to wear any make-up. All outfits must be age appropriate No high heels, and no bare midriffs!

MISSING YOUR COACH - It is your responsibility to make sure that you are at the meeting point on time to catch your coach. The coaches are on a very tight schedule that they are unable to risk waiting for people who are late, there is a train to be caught and the trains do not wait.  If you miss your coach you are responsible for the consequences and costs incurred. FOEW or the travel company cannot be held responsible.

PASSPORTS - You must have a valid passport that is a minimum of 6 months in date at the time of travel

PAYMENTS:  In advance via our main Barclays account or via Pay pal account: faceofeuropeandtheworld@gmail.com or by standing order

PAYMENTS:  Final payment of the full balance must be paid by the 1st day of the 12th week before departure date

PAY PAL : Pay pal account faceofeuropeandtheworld@gmail.com

RULES OF ENTRY All Nationalities & regligions are welcome

  • Can I enter If I have posed Nude.  NO ,  Neither can you have posed topless or any Implied nudity.  

  • Can I enter if I have been to Prison - NO   You must not have a Criminal Record,    

  • Can I enter if I am having a baby - NO,  We cannot include contestants that are expecting a baby due to Health Safety reasons & insurance implications.  

  • Can I enter if I am married     YES,  

  • Can I enter if I have Children YES,  Married or unmarried mum's are very welcome.

  • Can I enter if Iam homoseual  YES,  We do not discriminate

  • Is there a minimum height requirement NO, There is no height, weight or size restriction. RULES OF WINNING:-  If you WIN one of our title at the Grand Final: Face of Europe & the World, Face of Europe, Ms.International or UK the title is for a minimum of 12 months or until the next Grand Final.  Before entering our competition please note that we do not allow or want our title winners during their reign to enter any other pageant or competition, please be aware of this clause before entering our competition as by entering you have agreed to this ruling.  One exception to that rule is IF, you have entered another pageant system BEFORE you have applied to enter FOEW providing you have told us prior to entering  (eg; on your application form) if we know & still accept your application, then the risk of you winning our title and then also winning another, Is a risk we have willingly taken knowing the facts. However, IF we have not been advised and after winning one of our main titles, you then go on to win another, you will be asked to step down from FOEW, returning your regalia (sash,crown & gown) and any other prizes. You will not receive the holiday or the return trip to Disney the following year. IF you have already taken advantage of your prize you will be invoiced for the cost of that prize.

  • SASHES - see frequently asked questions

  • SPONSOR:- Do I have to have a sponsor? NO you do not have to have a sponsor, you can pay for yourself or fundraise by doing a sponsored event or get help from family & friends,  but getting a sponsor or even part sponsorship can make affording the trip easier

  • SPONSORS - IF YOU withdraw from the competition and your sponsor has already paid your fees - The same rules apply regards to the 21 days non refundable deposit and the 12 weeks cut off point still applies.  If your sponsor wants refunding because you are no longer going to Disney your sponsor would have to invoice you direct should they want their sponsorship returned if you did not fulfil your agreement with them. It would not be the responsibiliity of FOEW to refund any monies our contract is with the finalist and not the thrid party sponsor.

  • SPONSORS CANCEL - If your sponsor decides to pull out on you and your agreement with them and they no longer wish to continue their sponsorship, any monies they have paid to date after the 21 days would not be refunded and any shortfall in the balance would revert to you for settlement. You would then be invoiced accordingly. To avoid any misunderstanding, you must make sure your sponsor is aware of our terms & condition and send a copy to them, so that they are fully aware of their commitment to you.

  • THERAPIES & Treatments All peddlers and vendors must be fully qualified and have full insurance and public liability  - Why we do not allow unauthorised people to carry out treatments-We enlist professional persons to adminster all treatments, with adequate public liability insurance (if an occasion of disatifaction arose, the a client would claim from the company conducting the work), If a non-qualified person(s) or anyone not engaged by Face of Europe and the World (FOE&W) conducts any kind of  treatments or sevices they are doing so without our knowledge or permission and therefore we are not responsible/liable for their work. There are legal implications and we will not authorise such services.

  • TRAVEL - How do we get to Disney?  We travel by coach via Eurotunnel, in certain circumstances we may travel by the Channel Ferry. The coach trip takes approx 3.5 to 4 hours depending on traffic,  we stop half way for a 20 min comfort break.   You must travel on your allocated coach and your luggage must travel on the the same coach  this is a HMC&E border control requirement

  • TRAVEL - Should you miss the allocated time and miss your your coach, it would be your responsibility to complete your journey and any costs incurred would be bourne by you. No compensation or refunds would be paid or due. Precise timetables are given out and e-mailed to you, therefore is is your responsibility to make sure you are on time. Coaches cannot wait!

  • TRAVEL DOCUMENTS - Please see Passport & Visa

  • Please Note: France an England are two different countries. Therefore please be aware especially international guests, that you may require different travel documents along with Visa or other documentation. Please make sure you check early, it is your responsibility to have the correct documentation and that everything is in date before travelling, if you get denied entry or get delayed FOEW is not responsibile and cannot wait for you. If you were held up by HMC&E (border control agency) you would have to make your own alternative arrangements to either join us in Disney or make your way home. Either would be your responsibility not FOEW and all costs incurred would be your own. Should you miss your trip entirely due to you not having the correct paperwork, no refunds, compensation or transferrable trip can be given.

  • TRAVEL INSURANCE - Is manditory you must have adequate insurance that covers you for all eventualities including cancellation and sickness

  • UNDER 19 - Must travel with a minimum of one full paying adult (chaperone) The Chaperone or Guests trip is not included

  • VISA  If you live outside of the EU you may require a visa to travel to England & France,  Please remember France & England are different countries and therefore you need to check with your consulate to see what paperwork you need to travel, this is your responsibility and IF you do not have the correct paperwork and cannot travel we cannot be responsible for your error. Check with your consulate

  • WILD WEST SHOW: see frequently asked questions The Wild West show is usually booked for the 1st night of arrival for the 21h30 showing..It is important that you understand that should we /you miss the show for any reason, including but not limited to travel delays. FOEW cannot be held responsible and will not be able to issue refunds, this is because DIsneyland or the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show will not give refunds for any reason whatsoever. You would need to be able to claim off your own travel/holiday insurance  - It is important to make sure your insurances gives to adequate cover for all eventualities so that you are all to claim should you miss the show.

  • WINNING A LIVE HEAT As a winner of a live heat you *WIN* the whole Disney trip as advertised on our website, the trip does not include the trip for a partner, guest, parent or chaperone  the trip is for the winner only and is not transferrable. A contestant under 19 MUST BE accompanied by one full paying adult. This is not part of the award.Travel to the registration hotel, in Folkestone is also not part of the awarded trip. Spending Money and the competition outfits are not included thede items do not form part of your award.  A Heat winner(s) have 21 days to decline the title and return the sash & crown. Please note if you decline your place at the Grand final in Disneyland Paris there is no replacement or monitary compensation. If you cannot not go to Disney and should you cancel after 21 days you will responsible for repaying back to FOEW the deposit for the Disney Trip as advertised and invoiced accordingly. Minnie & Junior £150, Teen & Senior £200 - Should you cancel on or after the 12 week cut off point (12 weeks before the 1st day of the Grand Final starts) you would be liable to pay back to FOEW the full amount of the whole trip, If payment is not received with the agreed term FOEW will seek rembursement and charges through the small claims courts providing our Terms & conditions and all supporting evidence to prove you are aware of ALL terms and condirions of the FOEW competition before you entered.

  • WINNERS OBLIGATIONS:- Should you "WIN" One of the top titles FACE OF EUROPE & THE WORLD, FACE OF EUROPE OR FACE OF THE UK  and the CHARITY  QUEEN you would remain under the management of  FOEW  for the duration of your reign minimum of 12 months . Your obligations would end when we crowned your successor. IF, however, you already have committments you MUST advise FOEW prior to participating in the grand final, If you accept the title,  it will be assumed you are happy to comply with the following rules

  • We would be grateful if you would consider running at least one /two Charity event during your reign for the founding charity Headway East Kent

  • As our ambassidor we would be grateful if you would continue to raise awareness and support the charity events

  • You must not enter any other Beauty Pageant or contest during your reign

  • You must not to appear in any publications or attend events without permission, requests to be sent via e-mail foew.gb@gmail.com

  • Should you stepdown from your "Title " you will be liable to repay FOEW for  ALL costs

  • Should you pose nude, topless or behave in a manor to bring the Company or it's name into disrepute you will be asked to step down and return all items including the FOEW GOWN, SASH & CROWN and all costs will be invoiced to you, for you to repay  

  • Should you become pregnant during your reign,  due to Health & Safety reasons only, we would for the period where you "show"  ask your deputy (Face of Europe) to represent the Company. However, once baby arrives safety and you are fully recovered, should you wish take up duties again we would be delighted to see you return.

  • Please note the date of the "SPANISH HOLIDAY"   The Spanish Holiday is for the Senior Winner & Senior Charity Winner. This date has already been organised prior to the Grand Final and CANNOT be changed, if you are unable to go, no compensation will be given and no alternative holiday will be offered. Please be prepared and think ahead, we would suggest you pre-book your leave for the Spanish dates.

Terms & Conditions